London’s Bike Superhighways Increase Bike Traffic by 70%

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I have used to live in Central London I cycled everyday, everywhere. No place within London was too distant for me as long as I had my bike to go along. I really enjoyed the feeling of freedom to just go everywhere cycling. I remember that it was in fact kind of a dangerous way to travel around the city, mostly because of the double decker buses that are really scary when they’re a feet away from you and specially because of pedestrians that are always trying to cross the streets wherever they want. I really had my share of adventures with street crossing pedestrians while cycling.

The city of London just announced that bike traffic is up 70% on two major thoroughfares in London proper and they are crediting it all to the opening of two bike superhighways last July. The superhighways were meant to entice people to jump on their bikes instead of in their cars by making safe, direct and simple to follow cycling routes from outer neighborhoods into the heart of the city. The two open superhighways are just the beginning — 10 more will be installed in the coming years — of the city’s big plan to help cut their annoying traffic and unhealthy emissions problems by installing a vast an easy to navigate cycling infrastructure.

This new bike superhighways programme for London is really worth the investment. There are thousands of people cycling everyday to and from work and it can get really messy at peak times. The solution is to give priority to cyclists in order to encourage more and more people to use their bikes on an everyday basis.


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