Iwan Baan: 2010 Around the World – The Diary of a Year of Architecture

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

© Iwan Baan

Dutch Photographer Iwan Baan, one of our favourites, has been invited by the Villa Noailles in Hyeres, France to be the subject of a Photography exhibition entitled, ‘2010 around the world – the diary of a year of architecture’. Having redefined the medium of Architectural Photography since his unexpected entry in 2005, the winner of the inaugural Julius Shulman prize has captured some of today’s most important built spaces.

If you can pass by, don’t miss this chance to check out his gorgeous works.


Forgotten Monuments from the Communist Era in Bulgaria

January 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

© Nikola Mihov

Photographer Nikola Mihov has shared his story and photos of the many iconic communist era monuments in Bulgaria that were dismantled after the fall of the totalitarian regime in 1989. Nevertheless, more than one hundred important monuments built between 1945 and 1989 remain standing. The majority of these sites are not recognized by the state and they remain ownerless. Their exact number is unknown and it is difficult to find information about their authors and their history.

Be sure to read his story here and to check his great photographs.

Yosemite National Park time-lapse

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The Yosemite National Park is probably wide known from the marvellous Ansel Adams photographs back in 1940’s. Since then it has reached the ultimate status of a sanctuary for the Landscape Photographer.

This time-lapse video from Photographer Henry Jun Wah Lee really suits the mood of the place. Its moving images are so deep and so full of beauty that one cannot go through them without a feeling of joy. I really enjoy the whole edit of the video and specially those really slow pan and zoom movements.

Architecture Photographer: Hélène Binet

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© Hélène Binet

Born in Geneva, trained in Rome and living in London, Hélène Binet has carved a niche for herself as a photographer who brings buildings to life. More than simply using good lighting or finding a nice angle (though of course she does this too) Binet understands the poetry in architecture and this is what she translates into her photographs.

She has developed a long term relationship with Architect Peter Zumthor, for whom she photographed several of his masterpieces with timeless shot from a very poetic Architecture.

NYC – Mindrelic time-lapse

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Just discovered this stunning time-lapse video of New York City made by Josh Owens for a History Channel Documentary called “Prophets of Doom”. The camera work looks awesome and it was shot in HD with a 14mm 2.8L, 24mm 1.4L, 50mm 1.2L, 70-200 2.8L lenses on a Canon 5D MK2. Just great!

Christopher Thomas: New York Sleeps

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© Christopher Thomas

Christopher Thomas is a German Photographer widely known for his advertising work. Although his series of photographs from New York and Munich are incredibly beautiful and eye-catching in the way he portrays the streets, the buildings and the landmarks in an timeless way. His black and white long-exposures, shot with a Linhof Technika 4/5′ on Polaroid 55 are a stunning portrayal of a peopleless city unusual to find.

Be sure to have a look at his book.

Update: The exhibition New York Sleeps opens in the 11th of January at the Wapping Project Bankside, in London and will remain on view until February 26. More info is at thewappingprojectbankside.com.

Architecture Photographer: Jesús Granada

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© Jesús Granada

Plataforma Arquitectura has posted an interesting interview with Spanish Architecture Photographer Jesús Granada. His photographs document some of the contemporary Spanish Architecture with great vision and technique.

Be sure to read it here.

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