Mimesis Museum

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© FG+SG Fotografia de Arquitectura

Portuguese Photographer Fernando Guerra is featuring on his website a really interesting report with a great deal of documentation of one of the latest works from the Portuguese Master Architect Álvaro Siza Vieira. The Mimesis Museum is a very minimalistic yet complex-shaped Museum in Paju Book City, South Korea. The building is incredibly detailed in all its aspects, from floors to ceilings, from its interior to the exterior, in a way that only Siza is able to do.

© FG+SG Fotografia de Arquitectura

Mimesis Museum has a flowing concrete form that wraps around a central courtyard, and was inspired by a sketch of a cat that Siza drew upon arriving at the site. The interior has whitewashed walls and ceilings, and marble and timber floors on the ground and first floor respectively. The exterior is pale grey concrete punctuated by steel-framed windows.

For full information on this building be sure to check Fernando Guerra’s website.


Iwan Baan: 2010 Around the World – The Diary of a Year of Architecture

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© Iwan Baan

Dutch Photographer Iwan Baan, one of our favourites, has been invited by the Villa Noailles in Hyeres, France to be the subject of a Photography exhibition entitled, ‘2010 around the world – the diary of a year of architecture’. Having redefined the medium of Architectural Photography since his unexpected entry in 2005, the winner of the inaugural Julius Shulman prize has captured some of today’s most important built spaces.

If you can pass by, don’t miss this chance to check out his gorgeous works.

Forgotten Monuments from the Communist Era in Bulgaria

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© Nikola Mihov

Photographer Nikola Mihov has shared his story and photos of the many iconic communist era monuments in Bulgaria that were dismantled after the fall of the totalitarian regime in 1989. Nevertheless, more than one hundred important monuments built between 1945 and 1989 remain standing. The majority of these sites are not recognized by the state and they remain ownerless. Their exact number is unknown and it is difficult to find information about their authors and their history.

Be sure to read his story here and to check his great photographs.

111, Lincoln Road

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© Iwan Baan

Swiss Architects Herzog & DeMeuron have completed recently this megalomaniac car park in Miami. It is not that often that even Starchitects get the chance to design such a building that has a simple program and an enormous budget, allowing them to sculpt their Architecture in terms of pure aesthetics. This building is really a joy to look at because it becomes more of a Mega-sculpture rather than Architecture. I only wonder how much it would cost to park my car there. But heck that’s Miami!

Check out the great photos of this building by Iwan Baan.

The one metre extension

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© David Mikhail Architects

Having worked as an Architect in London before, I am always interested to see what British Architects come out to re-arrange old victorian houses that look all the same everywhere throughout London.

David Mikhail Architects managed to extend this old victorian house into a lighter livingroom and with a double-height kitchen by rearranging the floor heights of the ground and basement floors.

More info about this project here.

Ferreries Civic Centre

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© Pedro Pegenaute

Spanish studio Arquitecturia have just completed this very subtle building for a Civic Centre in Tortosa, Spain. Part of the building occupies the old city market while the new extension focus on redefining the square where it locates. All the exterior of the building is covered with metal slats while the interior is made out of slim white wooden slats. The photos from Pedro Pegenaute really bring to life this small yet very interesting piece of Architecture.

Architecture Photographer: Hélène Binet

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© Hélène Binet

Born in Geneva, trained in Rome and living in London, Hélène Binet has carved a niche for herself as a photographer who brings buildings to life. More than simply using good lighting or finding a nice angle (though of course she does this too) Binet understands the poetry in architecture and this is what she translates into her photographs.

She has developed a long term relationship with Architect Peter Zumthor, for whom she photographed several of his masterpieces with timeless shot from a very poetic Architecture.

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